Oji Forest & Products got its start in 1927 with the founding of Nichiro Mokuzai,
and for the next ninety years we have carried out marketing research and expanded
our networks to ensure we can provide our products promptly and steadily.
As a member of the Oji Group, which has been planting forests to create resources for many years now,
Oji Forest & Products hopes to contribute to the environment through the effective use of
the Oji Group’s forests (190,000 ha in Japan and 250,000 ha overseas) and to the community
through the wood we harvest from company forests as well as related businesses.
We actively engage in cascade use of forest resources grown through
sustainable forestry practices, aiming to be a vigorous general forestry business
expanding into new areas both at home and overseas.

Continuing on for ever with our contributions to the environment and the community President and Representative Director Yuji Onuki

A Strong Network

With more than thirty sites in Japan, we can promise a stable supply. We aim to improve our service and products even more through utilizing our networks. The development of locally-based management is vital to supply our diverse store of products promptly and stably to each location. We have carried out careful marketing research based on our principle of “business sites near demand,” and promoted the expansion of networks. In addition, we have linked our more than thirty domestic branches and offices online, aiming to improve our service through the smooth swapping of information and office processing.
And furthermore, we are also actively expanding overseas, moving into Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
We shall use these networks to the maximum to enable us to put even more efforts into forest management and operation, the sales of timber products and greening materials, and greening construction, creating fresh, verdant, pleasant spaces in every corner of the city and your life.