Forests create the timber resources that are vital to our daily lives.
However, we need to care for them for many years
to produce stable supplies of timber.
Planting, clearing undergrowth, improvement cutting, thinning, and final cutting,
all done using the knowledge and techniques of Japanese forestry
that we are heir to, are some of the ways
we work to ensure that rich forest resources remain intact.

Creating forests is creating resources. main image
Oji Group Company Forests / Profit-Sharing Forestry Area189,000ha Volume23,500,000m3 Volume ratio Natural forests 52.1% Artificial forests 47.9% Area ratio Natural forests 53.3% Artificial forests 41.1% Other 5.5% As of March 2014

Forests we manage and operate

The approx. 190,000 ha of forests we manage and operate covers about 87% of the total area of Tokyo Metropolis (220,000 ha), making us the largest private-sector owner of forests in the country.

Forestry Management

To achieve sustainable forest management, the Oji Group has set out a Management Plan for Company Forests, and carries out forest creation and timber harvesting according to this plan, working to protect the environment and maintain biodiversity. In addition, we use the techniques we have learned from our company forests for creating forests and harvesting timber for both state and private forests.
SGEC logo
(Forest Authentication)
All Oji Group company forests have obtained SGEC (Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council) Forest Certification and is a certified CoC Company.
Forest Certification :
These are schemes in which a third party evaluates and certifies that forests are being managed well and in accordance with sustainable forestry operation standards.
Japan’s own forestry certification system. Became an international certification system in 2016 after endorsement by PEFC.
Certified CoC Company :
A registration system for companies that can produce and distribute certified forest products.

Environment protection forest (Mt. Sarufutsu Forest) Artificial forest (Mt. Ijishi Forest, Hiroshima) Enough light is ensured through thinning. Before thinning After thinning

Forest Regeneration

Much of Japan’s plantation forests are reaching their harvest period, but timber production is stagnating due to the pressure of cheap wood from overseas. We aim to regenerate the forests of Japan, expand their scale through links with forest owners, and bring in high-performance forestry machinery to help us improve productivity.

High-performance forestry machinery used to fell and harvest timber

Collecting logs with a long-reach grapple Collecting logs with a tower yarder

Map of Oji Forests in Japan

The total area of Oji-owned forests in Japan is about the same size as Osaka Prefecture Total 190,000 ha  Hokkaido/126,600ha  Tohoku/3,900ha  Chubu/Kanto/21,200ha  Kinki/12,700ha  Chugoku/13,800ha  Shikoku/2,700ha  Kyushu/7,600ha