To enable people to live comfortably and without worry,
their environment must contain greenery.
It is our job to create oases of greenery
amidst urban spaces
filled with concrete and asphalt.
The wisdom of forests and the knowledge gained
from our research into forestry
take shape in a diverse range of greening techniques.

Creating forests is creating greenery.main image


As people call for ecology and the prevention of global warming, greening, with its high social contribution, is becoming a sector that society cannot do without. Urban greening, turning public facilities, commercial facilities, and factories into spaces for relaxation; the revitalization of greenery lost through road construction and housing; and the restoration of greenery lost in natural disasters such as typhoons, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions are being implemented using a range of methods born from long years of experience and technological development. We support all types of greening needs, from greenery planning and design to installation.

Oji Holdings Shinonome Office  Roppongi Ark Hills  Green parks for apartment blocks  Oji Holdings Head Office

Design and construction of gardens
Consultants for tree treatment, diagnosis, and vitality recovery
Aerial greenery
Rooftop greenery
Plant maintenance
Rental greenery
Oji Woody Walk
Wooden Fence
I'm going imports of peat moss soil improvement material, such as coco peat.

Greening Materials Sales

Soil ruined through natural disasters, damaged by fertilizers and pesticides, or that is too poor for agriculture can be restored to allow plants to grow. To that end, we have been researching wood-based soil improvement materials for more than forty years, handling soil improvement materials both in Japan and overseas, and contributing to greening work, agriculture, and gardening.
For growing blueberries!

Peat moss from Canada

We have been directly importing Canadian peat moss for twenty years. We visit the production areas annually, ensuring thorough quality management together with the producers. As the wild blueberries growing in the area we gather our product, Main River, demonstrate, this is a product you can use with peace of mind.


Europeat is noted for its wide lineup. It only uses carefully selected materials, so customers can use it with peace of mind.

Oji Coco Series

The high processing technology and assured quality of coconut palms from Sri Lanka allowed us to start imports and sales in the 1990s. We import products from specific plants with limited production areas, providing coconut palm products that our customers can use with peace of mind.

Other agricultural materials

We also handle all types of potting soils, water absorption promoter, lightweight inorganic materials (for potting soil stabilization), liquid organic fertilizer, seaweed powder, organic phosphate fertilizer, and so on.

Eco Mypit

Eco Mypit is a hygiene solidifying agent made using our greening technology that solidifies water into a jelly state. It can be used with peace of mind for a range of lifestyle scenarios, including disasters, leisure, or long-term care.