Our project strategies are done from a global perspective, not just a domestic one.
The scope of our activities is increasingly expanding,
including the manufacture and sale of plywood
and timber in the Southeast Asian region.
With each base in the Oji Group working together,
engaging in a range of initiatives from a broad perspective,
we shall be increasing our overseas expansion in future years.

Creating forests is creating international relations. main image

Expansion of overseas business

We are actively expanding overseas businesses as well, especially in the manufacture and sale of plywood in the Southeast Asian region, where wood is easier to procure. By making active use of the overseas base network of the Oji Group, we will increasingly expand the scope of our activities overseas, an area which is growing rapidly.

Oji Group Bases [Southeast Asian Region]

❶ P.T.Oji Forest Products Indonesia ❷ OJI-VINAFOR PLYWOOD ❸ Oji Forest Products Vietnam ❹ MOS LUMBER PRODUCTS OAM/Myanmar Office LPFL SLPFL QPFL BD Chip TTO OCP OJI PAPER Thailand OJI ASIA Management (OAM) KTH KTH Chip Mill KTH Veneer Mil KTH Saw Mill

PT. OJI FOREST PRODUCTS INDONESIA [Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia]

Sale within Indonesia and export of timber products made from the Oji Group’s forest resources within Indonesia, as well as promoting expansion into the Southeast Asian market.


Sale of plywood products produced by OJI-VINAFOR PLYWOOD Co. to Japan and Vietnam as well as other countries. Also has its eye on expanding into the Southeast Asian market.


Manufacture and sale of products using rubber trees (joint venture established December 2014 between Sumitomo Forestry (Singapore) Co. and Moe Mya Chai Co., a local furniture manufacturer).

Overseas Environmental Afforestation [Official Development Assistance (ODA)]

Applying the techniques we have learned through our management and operation of company forests in Japan, we carry out environmental afforestation in Vietnam and China, contributing to the creation of green environments. Planting forests on sand dunes and wasteland creates homes for a range of living things, changing these areas into woods that sooth our lifestyles.

Afforestation of sand dunes in Vietnam

Planting in 2003→One year later  Planting in 2010  A moment during planting