Forests are where we can once more
be made aware of the diverse values of nature.
Ever since our founding,
we have believed that those who harvest
the trees have a duty to plant the trees,
and so we have focused each day on "forest recycling,"
something which takes decades,
connecting rich, bountiful natural environments to tomorrow.

Creating forests is creating the environment.main image
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Forest recycling

"Recycling forests" is both nurturing rich forest resources for the future and the protection of the natural environment in a number of ways, including absorbing CO2 and replenishing water resources. The Oji Group incorporates the "preservation of biodiversity" in the policies and measures for our company forests, establishing protection zones for rare plants and animals.

Protecting the Sakhalin taimen

The Sakhalin taimen (Hucho perryi), one of the salmon family, is considered critically endangered, existing only in a few habitats in Hokkaido. They are believed to live for more than 20 years, and grow more than a meter long. To protect their breeding grounds, we have established an environmental protection zone of 2,260 ha in our company forests.
The Mysterious Giant Taimen of Sarufutsu, Hokkaido

We protect the habitat of the Pitta,
Pitta nympha.

We found that the Pitta inhabit Oji group forest in Kochi prefecture. Basic agreement on protection of the Pitta between Oji group and the Ecosystem Trust Society is concluded in August 2016 in order to protect the habitat of the Pitta, which has been designated as a threatened species.
he vulnerable fairy pitta (Pitta nympha) Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture

Initiatives for the environment

For us, with businesses that are closely tied to the natural environment, our basic theme is to leave this beautiful nature and resources for the next generation. We carry out activities for the environment from a range of aspects, and with a view to the new few decades or centuries.

Oji Forest Nature Schools

The Oji Group provides places for the children, who are our future, to learn about the importance of forests. Through this environmental education program, children can experience alpine forest observation, mountain climbing, tree climbing, playing in rivers, camping, papermaking, and many other things, as well as learning the connections between forests and industry by visiting our paper mills.
Oji Forest Nature School, Hokkaido Campus Oji Forest Nature School, Miyazaki Campus Oji Forest Nature School, Fuji Campus

Forest Absorption Project

As a measure to combat global warming, the volume of CO2 absorbed by Oji Group forests is recognized as credits by the offset credit (JVER) system started by the Ministry of the Environment and other groups. We shall continue working to protect the environment through creating forests.

Increasing the CO2 absorption ability of forests through thinning

Appropriate thinning allows light to reach inside the forest and ensure good growth. Before thinning After thinning Forest survey This clearly shows how much CO2 is absorbed.